Toothy and the Candygans
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Toothy is smooth. He must protect the world from evil candies. Yes you know what we are talking about! The Candygans!!!

It’s simple. Eat Candies – Get Power-ups! Your goal is to help Toothy eat as many candies as possible for as long as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to avoid the obstacles!

By eating consecutive candies of the same type you get amazing power-ups! There are three unique power-ups in the game: MEGA BREAKER, WONDER JUMPER and CANDY FURY. These power-ups allow you to break obstacles, jump over holes or collect furiously all the candies around you!!!

Also, candies equal coins. And what do you do with them? Buy jaw-dropping apparel, like shoes and hats or even change your teeth! Of course there are special items, upgrades and enhancements that can be bought through the unbelievable in-game vintage shop, creating a memorable and fun experience.

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