GiCluster Game Jam 2014
Stan Stun and the Royal Tomb

"Stan Stun and the Royal Tomb" is Burnt Dragon’s entry at the Gi Cluster Game Jam held in Athens, Greece on December 2014.

The theme of this year’s Game Jam was Amphipolis. More info about what Amphipolis exactly is you can find here.

Inspired by the theme, we created a multiplayer game placed inside the ancient tomb of Amphipolis. Players take the role of Stan Stun, an archaeologist whose goal is to collect all the missing pieces of a big mosaic found inside the tomb. 2-4 players can join a game, divided in two teams. Each game lasts 3 minutes and the team that collects the most pieces wins!

You can also check our blog entry here, explaining how we created a multiplayer game in 48 hours!