Toothy is out there!

It’s simple. Eat Candies – Get Power-ups! Your goal is to help Toothy eat as many candies as possible for as long as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to avoid the obstacles! Wild trash bins, cruel holes on the ground, evil trees and many more are almost intentionally placed to challenge your skill!

When you stay alerted and eat the same type of candy you will get one of the three awesome power-ups! MEGA BREAKER, WONDER JUMPER and CANDY FURY, allow you to break obstacles, jump over holes and collect furiously all the candies around you! If you are not yet impressed, that’s because you haven’t tried it inside a freaking hexagon platform! BOOM!

Have to say that Candies also equal coins! KABLAM! What can you do with them? Buy jaw-dropping apparel, like shoes and hats or even change your teeth! Of course there are special items, upgrades and enhancements that can be bought through the unbelievable in-game vintage shop, creating a memorable and fun experience.

Eat candies, get coins, buy the upgrades and the apparels from the in-game shop and become the ultimate Toothy Master.

Available on Android, by Burnt Dragon.

The Burnt Dragon team